Founder’s Story

From Struggling To Pay Rent To Investing In Apartments

Starting off from scratch without a significant net worth or investor database, I used my background in Construction Management and applied myself to improving communities by offering my expertise to Multifamily Deal Sponsors at a rate that was valuable to their Investors. I have now performed due diligence on thousands of apartment units, managed hundreds of CapEx projects, and invested in multifamily properties across the United States. Read the full story below.

"At a young age, my father taught us the importance of giving back."

Discovering My Passion

It was 2011, and I was wrapping up the last semester of my Finance/Management degree at the University of Texas at Arlington. I chose an elective called Business & Society, and it was this class that changed me forever.

The professor put the text books aside and gave us real life experiences on how corporations and capitalism can have negative effects on society and our environment. It was here I learned that much of the world goes without clean water, proper sanitation, nutritious food, and adequate shelter.

For one of our projects, I thought I would start with our most basic need, water. So I put together a presentation for UTA’s Director of Sustainability. The idea was for UTA to have their own custom bottled water made from plants instead of plastic, but when purchased would also donate a portion of the profits to fighting the global water crisis.

To my surprise she was on board! But of course we would have to get the final approval from the Director of Finance. It was a pretty simple decision for him as he slid a contract across the conference table which stated UTA’s current agreement with PepsiCo that would not allow any other company’s beverages to be sold on campus for many years to come.

How ironic, that I learned from UTA’s very own business curriculum how corporations can affect us, and sure enough, a corporation is what kept this sustainable project from being implemented. But the lesson learned! From that day forward, I became obsessed with understanding the complicated nature of capitalism and how it can affect society both positively and negatively.

I wanted to change my life.

I needed to change my life

The Right Place At The Right Time

As years went by I soon discovered that my research wouldn’t pay the bills as I struggled to pay for rent and groceries. I did everything from dog sitting to washing carts at the local golf course. It was time to put my passion aside and focus on making a real income. Even though I was introverted at heart, my back was against the wall and I knew I had to start getting out of my comfort zone, so I took a job going door to door for a landscaping company.

One summer day in 2015, I happened to knock on the door of a director of a prestigious construction company in Dallas. Noticing my drive and client first mentality, he gave me an opportunity to learn the business. With my income back in gear, and a new set of construction management skills, I quickly became a top contributor to the company’s success.

Despite the company’s growth, the internal struggle continued as I always felt like we could do more not just for our clients, but also for the communities we were serving. In 2018, I started offering my construction management services independently as to have more control over client satisfaction.

The idea was simple, instead of representing one construction company, and being forced to serve the client their way, I would represent the client instead, then shop all construction companies, and connect them with the one that fit their needs best.

In that same year my brother, Justin Martinez invited me to attend Brad Sumrok’s real estate investing seminar and before the end of 2018, I would invest in my first apartment complex.

We all have the power to change our lives
achieve financial freedom.

Shifting My Focus To Multifamily

During one of Brad’s seminars, my ears perked up, when I heard these magical words. “We aren’t just investing in apartment complexes, we are improving the communities around them.” But how I wondered? Through Value-Add Projects, also called CapEx Projects, I learned we could create better environments for the tenants and their families to live in.

By shifting my construction management expertise and services to Multifamily Due Diligence, CapEx Projects, and Deferred Maintenance, I was able to finally feel fulfilled and simultaneously provide tremendous value to my fellow Multifamily Investors.

A Sustnbl Business Model

In 2020, after many successful projects, and more apartment investments, I started to immerse myself in learning how to help others achieve financial freedom and fulfillment through Multifamily Real Estate Investing. But like my original business model back in 2011, I wanted everyone involved to benefit.

So in 2021, I launched to not only help others break free from the rat race through investing in clean, safe apartment communities, but also provide a way for others just like myself to start their journey to success.

SUSTNBL Investments is in the process of researching the best ways to give back to the communities we invest in, stay tuned.


My Mentors Along The Way

One of my biggest failures in life was surrounding myself with the wrong people. I now surround myself with like minded mentors, coaches, and experts who are just as passionate about helping others achieve their highest success.

I can honestly say without my father to instill the value of giving back, my brother to instill the value of financial freedom, and the partners I have met along the way, I wouldn’t have been able to experience this level of success. Multifamily is a team sport and I hope you get the opportunity to make our team, your team.

I changed the course of my life, achieved personal success
AND helped other people find financial freedom.

And now, I’m thrilled to share my insights and success with countless others through SUSTNBL – an exciting new platform for entrepreneurs to learn, connect and grow their wealth and influence. You and your family deserve to have cash flow for life, not to be stuck exchanging time you will never get back, without making a meaningful impact.

If I learned one thing, there’s nothing more fulfilling than building your success by helping others build sustainable communities and lives.

Let’s work together to create something truly special for your life.

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