Sustnbl Management

When we perform for our investors, they entrust us with more capital, support our firm’s growth into new asset classes and help solidify our position as a leader in the growing multifamily sector.

Leadership Team

Justin Martinez
Asset Management Specialist


Justin Martinez believes in the power of authentic relationships and when it comes to asset management, that is the goal. Building an authentic relationship with the property management company and their staff is just the beginning. 

He believes that keeping the property staff fulfilled and motivated directly effects the tenant experience. Of course he consistently analyzing property data to increase income and reduce expenses, all while improving the community as a whole, This is what separates Sustnbl Properties from the rest.

Justin is constantly looking for ways to optimize the systems that help Sustnbl’s properties run at their full potential.  

Brandon Martinez
CapEx Management Specialist


Brandon Martinez has managed hundreds of CapEx projects, and has been able to grow Sustnbl’s Contractor Network in every category of due diligence, preventative maintenance, and value-add projects. 

What separates Brandon’s business model from a typical general contractor’s, is that he and his team are not biased on which contractor is chosen to execute the project. Whether the contractor comes from the property management’s network of vendors, or a general partner’s personal contractor network, or from the Sustnbl Contractor Network, whichever contractor provides the most value at the best price will win the job. 

Brandon’s ability to determine a specific scope of work that takes into consideration the properties capital improvement budget as well as the team’s vision as a whole, is what separates him from your typical construction manager. 

In addition, Brandon’s experience working with lenders for lender required repairs, and working with the city for city required repairs, makes him a great asset to the team. 

Brandon’s company, CapEx Partners LLC, also provides services to general partners and investors outside the Sustnbl Investment Portfolio. You can find out more info at


Meet The Rest Of The Sustnbl Team

Benjamin Bartlett
Asset Manager
Delicia Sekyere
CapEx Manager

This Could Be You!



A desire to learn and grow is where it begins. We are looking for hungry students of real estate investing that are ready to stay committed to the journey to financial freedom. We take pride in allowing our team to earn while they learn. From on-site project management challenges to networking with seven-figure investors, these Sustnbl experiences are waiting for you to take action. 


Creating a platform that rewards integrity, independent thinking, and taking initiative was one of our first visions when creating Sustnbl. We have built a culture that goes beyond returns. We give every one of our team members the tools and freedom to create their own path to becoming the best version of themselves while simultaneously building their wealth of financial knowledge that will serve them for years to come. 


Creativity is the lifeblood of our business. We encourage everyone to think outside the box and go against the status quo. While our investment strategies are conservative as we are not trailblazers, when it comes to innovation and optimization of our current assets, our team knows they have the freedom to be themselves. From ways to reduce expenses, increase other income, or simplifying processes, our team is leading the way.